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Attention McMaster Researchers: The IIMF is intended to provide faculty with investments in first-time international research contacts or initiatives, typically originated by individual faculty members. It is meant to reduce the threshold to international research activities and serve as seed funding, ideally leading to joint projects and international partnerships.

  • Each project is eligible to receive up to $5000 in funding.
  • The application process is simple and straightforward: applicants should submit a one-page (PDF format) description of the project and the intended use of the funds, accompanied by a CV (NSERC Form 100, or equivalent).
  • Applications must also include an endorsement/signature from your dean or appropriate supervisor.

The 2024 IIMF deadline has already passed. Stay tuned for updates regarding the next IIMF cycle.

Download the application form here.

For more information or to submit your application, contact

Expandable List

Faculty Name Title
Humanities Ronald Cummings Austin Clarke at 90
Humanities Melike Yilmaz The Voices of Refugees and Displaced Persons
Humanities Carmela Laganse The Sari-Sari Xchange: Building Asian Diasporic Community Through Emergent Media
Humanities Lucy El-Sherif Looking for Palestine: Edward Said and Arab Youth Subjectivity
Science Patrick Clancy Building an International Network of University Neutron Beam Research Facilities
Science Baraa Al-Khazraji Understanding human brain microvascular control
Science Antonio Paez Active sustainable transportation: barriers to cycling among university students
Science Bartosz Protas Pushing Boundaries in Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
Science Juliet Daniel Cancer Disparities in Caribbean People of African Ancestry
Health Sciences Susan Jack Establishing a Global Nurse-Family Partnership Community of Practice
Health Sciences Cynthia Lokker Automation in Biomedical Information Extraction and Retrieval Augmented Generation with LLMs
Health Sciences Ally Prebtani Uganda Hypertension Education Assessment and Treatment (UHEAT) Program
Social Sciences Basit Kareem Iqbal Recursivity in Syrian Prison Narratives: A Berlin Archive
Social Sciences Nathan Andrews Decolonizing African Higher Education: A Partnership for Transformation
Social Sciences Andrew Roddick The Stones in the Center: 3D Imaging ancient stone heads at a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Social Sciences Adrianne Lickers Xavier Conversations with the Sami
Social Sciences Cal Biruk Staging anticolonial portraits at a colonial mission station: Telling the story of
Malawi’s first African photographer
Engineering Tohid Didar & Kristen Dellinger Lubricant-inflused Surfaces for Enhanced Detection Using Raman Spectroscopy and Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Engineering Raja Ghosh Design and synthesis of reinforced graphene oxide – acrylamide based hydrogel membrane for efficient removal of organic dyes from waster water
Engineering Drew Higgins Development of Next Generation MSC Catalysts for CO2 Reduction
Engineering Saiedeh Razavi Green and Resilient Maritime Corridors through Synchromodality and Disruption Management
Engineering Hatem Zurob Unraveling the Work-Hardening Mechanism in FE-Al Alloys
Business Catherine Connelly Work engagement and envy as mediators of the relation between abusive supervision and knowledge hiding
Business Addisu Lashitew Organizing for Grand Challenges: Creating Social Impact on African Value Chains
Business Justin Yipiang Jin Low-Carbon City Pilot Policy and firm’s cost of debt finance
Business Yair Berson The Effects of Hostile Sexism on Women Team Performance


Faculty Name Project Title
Humanities Dr. Victor Kuperman The Language of Trauma in Testimonies of the Russia-Ukraine War
Humanities Dr. Selina Mudavanhu Contributions by African Communication and Media Studies Scholars to the South African Academy
Humanities Dr. Michael Schutz The Power of Percussive Sounds?
Science Dr. Jose Moran-Mirabal Evaluation of Cancer Targeting Treatments on Lung Biomimetric Constructs
Science Dr. Kathy Murphy Sex Differences in the Developing Brain
Science Dr. An-Chang Shi Theory of Soft Quasicrystals
Science Dr. Greg Slater Biosignatures of the Microbialites in Lake Sevan Armenia
Science Dr. Jeremy Walsh The Impact of Acute Oral Ketone Monoester Supplementation on Resting-State Connectivity in Adults with Memory Complaints
Health Sciences Dr. Arnav Agarwal Avoiding Risks of Thrombosis and Bleeding in Surgery (ARTS) Trial
Health Sciences Dr. Rahul Chanchlani Deriving 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Reference Values for South Asian Children (ASHA)
Health Sciences Dr. Alex Drossos Artctic/Circumpolar Health
Health Sciences Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian International Collaboration on Linked Health Administrative Data to Advance Population Health for People Who Experience Incarceration
Health Sciences Dr. Sharon Kaasalainen Building International Partnerships to Grow Green Care Farms in Canada
Health Sciences Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius Building the Evidence for a Nursing Health Human Resource Agenda in Chile
Social Sciences Dr. Tristan Carter Reconstructing Long-Term Social Dynamics in Anatolian Prehistory: Establishing an International Collaborative & Experiential Education Project at the McMaster Archaeological XRF Lab [MAX Lab]
Social Sciences Dr. Phillipa Chong When the Creative Class Lives Next Door: Place and Belonging Among Citizens in Two ‘Creative’ Cities
Social Sciences Dr. Celia Rothenberg The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
Social Sciences Dr. Netina Tan Digital Authoritarianism in Comparative Perspectives
Social Sciences Dr. Dana Hollander Experimenting with Tradition
Social Sciences Dr. Alok Johri Build Research Links with Macroeconomics Researchers at the University of Birmingham, U.K.
Engineering Dr. Kathryn Grandfield Supporting International Initiatives and Conference for the Characterization of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces
Engineering Dr. Joey Kish Batteries
Engineering Dr. Shakirudeen Salaudeen Integration of Pressurized Torrefaction and Biomass Gasification
Engineering Dr. Seshasai (Sesha) Srinivasan Novel Cathodes for All Solid-State Batteries
Engineering Dr. Keena Trowell Moving Earth’s Energy: Aluminum as a Carrier of Icelandic Geothermal Energy
Engineering Dr. Robin Zhao Net-Zero Emissions Roadmap
Business Dr. Brian Detlor Promoting Research Skills and Knowledge Exchange for Library Practitioners and Academics
Business Dr. Manish Kacker Sales Channel Design for an Experience Good in a Developing Economy
Business Dr. Addisu Lashitew The Human Side of Corporate Sustainability: Is Job Satisfaction Higher Among Sustainable Companies?
Business Dr. Khalid Nainar Climate Change, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Markets
Business Dr. Catherine Connelly Does Being Drawn to Work Make Us Quiet? The Influence of Workload and Workaholism on Ethical Silence in Organizations


Expandable List

A partial list of examples of previously funded projects can be found here.

Expandable List

Expandable List


A supporting letter from the Dean’s office isn’t required as all proposals will flow through the Associate Dean (Research).

A letter from a potential international (or domestic) collaborator isn’t required, however, we do require endorsement by the appropriate Dean by way of signing the application form.

Post-docs are excluded from applying.

Where do I send my submission?

It is preferred all applications are sent to your Faculty for collection and submission to OIA via MACdrive link. Alternatively, you may send your completed application form to

What do I include with my application and what are the requirements?

  • A one-page description of the project and intended use of funds
  • The applicant’s CV (NSERC Form 100 or equivalent)
  • Faculty approval which is indicated in the application form

Are there criteria for selected proposals?

  • Criteria are based on alignment with the IIMF call
  • Justification of the project and budget
  • Clarity and cohesiveness of the project
  • Applicant’s record of international research collaboration (as evident in CV)

Which research activities can be funded?

Any discipline or project with an international component.

Can research activities be funded that join individual researchers, or are institution-level partnerships a requirement?

Projects may be individual, joint, or institutional.

Is there a restriction as to in which countries partners can be located?

There are no country restrictions.

What could the $5,000 go towards?

This is dependent upon the nature of the project. Previous awardees have used the funds to hire RAs, undertake international research travels for project meetings/collaboration/build partnerships, lab equipment, etc.

Will I be notified if my proposal isn’t successful?

An email from the VPI will be sent to all unsuccessful applicants.

How will I be notified if I win?

An email from the VPI will be received by all winners with further instructions on obtaining the funds.

What if I have won in the past?

All researchers are welcome to apply, although preference may be given to those who haven’t won in previous years.

Can I apply with the same proposal as before?

Provided the proposal wasn’t successful, you may use it again.

Can multiple researchers submit a joint proposal?

Yes, you can apply to work on a project with someone in another institution or within McMaster.

How long do I have to use the funds?

You have one year from the date the funds are in your account.

What if I have funding left over?

If you do not use all allocated funds, they can be returned to OIA.

Can I get an extension to the deadline?

Extensions are not preferred but could be permitted on a case-by-case basis and with Faculty approval.

Does the award support both industry and academic partners?

Yes, it does.

Do I need to do anything once I receive my funds?

We will ask for a brief one-page (or shorter) summary of what the money was used for.