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McMaster Global Ambassador (MGA) Program

McMaster’s Global Ambassador Program supports the university’s global engagement and increases McMaster’s international visibility and presence by leveraging faculty and staff’s international knowledge and expertise to complement existing expertise and activities at the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

The MGA program aims to increase the visibility of McMaster’s international presence and create meaningful connections worldwide. It should also strengthen existing partnerships, open doors for new collaborations, and foster research, academic, and professional opportunities.

Description & Purpose

  • Strengthen relationships with existing and potential partner institutions, international organizations, and Canadian embassies around the globe
  • Provide faculty and staff an opportunity to become more involved and connected with global engagement initiatives at McMaster and strengthen existing and/or new international partnerships
  • Leverage faculty and staff expertise in engaging with existing or potential university partners, delegations, dignitaries, and visitors who come in an official capacity to McMaster’s campus and/or host events in Canada
  • Leverage faculty and staff existing international travel by incorporating visits to Canadian embassies, key existing and new partners, and alumni meetings/events
  • Broaden MGAs’ connections and networks with official and academic partners in countries/regions of expertise/interest

Role of the MGAs

  • Be the voice and face of McMaster:
    • Participate in meetings with current or future university partners
    • Participate in meetings with Canadian and foreign dignitaries
    • Meet with McMaster alumni and prospective students
  • Provide advice and context on their country/region of expertise to OIA, recruitment teams, student affairs and other McMaster stakeholders
  • When traveling, faculty will commit to
    • 1 hour pre-trip meeting (training/orientation)
    • 2-4 hours of meeting time on-site (includes travel time)
    • 30-minute post-trip meeting
    • Share this program opportunity with colleagues
  • Will serve a 2-year term (renewable)

Role of OIA

  • Create a network of faculty and staff to serve as a resource for future participants in the program, as well as for the University community as a whole.
  • Provide training and international professional development opportunities for MGAs:
    • All relevant materials
    • Training/orientation
    • Briefing on international etiquette and protocol
    • Logistics/communication assistance (meeting times and locations will be fully arranged by the Office of International Affairs; MGAs are only responsible for arranging their local transportation to/from the meeting location)
    • A small stipend in the form of a one-time payment will be issued after the post-trip meeting is conducted (to support expenses such as local transportation associated with the program. This excludes meetings held on McMaster’s campus)
  • Connect the MGA with relevant internal parties (e.g., recruitment, alumni)
  • MGAs will be recognized annually for University Service

Eligibility and target audience

  • McMaster faculty member and/or full-time staff member
  • International expertise/interest:
    • Have research collaborations in the region/country
    • Received their degree and/or have connections with international universities
    • Have a solid understanding of the (higher) education system in given countries/regions
  • For meetings held internationally, the faculty/staff member must have confirmed travel plans and have secured funding to cover travel expenses
  • Endorsement from the direct supervisor
  • Approval by the Office of International Affairs

How to become an MGA

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Nominated/endorsed by Faculty Deans and Heads of Units
  3. Approved by the Office of International Affairs – please send completed application forms to